Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Final Work Exhibition and Discussion

Great critique time ~ it was good talking on how you want to show your work--get it out in the halls if you can, in the ways we discussed, or even just the idea of display. Great ideas and conversation about eachother's work - thinking about each of our different ways of working with materials, and ideas about our our own 'style' or preferred techniques.  I'm hoping each of you will continue to develop your own interests, voice and style in expressing yourself through art making - and in all your making - continue to make your ideas matter!

And especially thank you all for sharing an exciting process of working as a group, and for allowing me into your class to explore this process with you. Notice that I have included "show" pictures and some "cropped" images of your work.  Both ways of taking a picture give us info about the meaning of the work - create/suggest context to both 'frame' and help us frame it's meaning. I think cropped images predetermine our way of looking at artworks as more formal compositions and we become more interested in describing things like balance and line, shape and colour, and even 'meaning'.  These kinds of shots ask the work to speak without the room it's in or the place it came from and asks us to forget the rich activities of the process, and of the conditions in which we are actively creating our work..having exhibition shots helps me to understand the social context for your work - and that adds to the meaning of your work and to how it can be understood and valued...especially when you are in a school setting... which is really a place where we learn to learn.... You claimed your classroom space, and your work is awesome!! 
  Your installation with all your clay characters was extra artful.and a fun and exciting surprise. 


You have all been such a great inspiration - your efforts, personalities and the work you each made has given me so many ideas for building more projects and art challenges for people your age, and has inspired my own working too... I am very grateful for, and really appreciate, your participation ~ Thank you.

I forgot my glitter banner in your classroom so will have to print a photo for my studio... everyone should get to have their name made in glitter sometime! I wish a glitter banners for each of you!

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