Monday, April 8, 2013

Plaster Bodies and the immediacy of expression

Our 'character heads' went well last week. Some cracked, and we need to put some glue in those cracks to keep them together. But really excited seeing how you painted them and went with the 'happy accidents' of it.
 We decided to make bodies for them this past week using simple armatures and plaster bandage.  Some of you created bases (you can still do that, or add appendages, if you need or want to, as I have left extra bandage for you). Bases can be integral(part of ) or discrete(meaning sort of separate) parts of your sculpture - but they always tell part of the story of a work.  Look at eachother's work and think about the different ways you each decided to give a ground to your characters.
We have two new friends in our group, and it was great to meet the two E's. You have created a kind atmosphere in your class that is welcoming and open. It's fun when others drop by and join in the making as well.
Looking forward to seeing how these turn out. I like the contrast of the white plaster with the painted heads, and really enjoy how very differently, and characteristically, your bodies each connect to the features - the personalities - of your character heads.

**We are entering into our "proper" self-portrait exercises and final 'project'...but I feel like we should try to understand what that means a little more laterally. I mentioned to Tanya last week that we might try to do something in your sad and lonely courtyard at GA. I know you have a graffiti artist coming in later in the year - and I wish much inspirational graffiti for that little space!! - but I thought we could try to do a big action painting together out there.

Jackson Pollock is a very famous(does that mean rich?) American artist known for this way of painting. I'll post a link to a movie clip and some examples.  If we really stretch some of our thinking and keep in mind the role art can play in self-expression, and the role of self-portrait as self-representation - some really interesting things might happen using big and small brushes and our whole bodies actions out in the courtyard to paint together.

Sketchbooks:  Draw your characters, draw where they might live or come from or hang out or do. Do they levitate, run, surf, stand at the ready, find themselves in unusual, disturbing or awestruck situations?

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