Thursday, April 11, 2013

Splatter Action

We'll have to take a picture of the Splatter looks amazing. Thank you for taking up the project with such enthusiasm and calm restraint - due to the weather we worked inside. Did you notice that you each approached even something so straightforward as splatter painting in your own unique ways.  I see interesting and unique processes in artmaking emerge from each of you each time we create work.

Thank you for a fun morning.

** I mentioned to Tanya that each of you need to take a minimum of 3 photos of your face. I suggest you try to include your whole head in each shot because we can always crop(zoom in) later. Each shot should be from a different and interesting(to you!) angle.  We will use these to create our portraits.  Think exaggeration, challenging angles, and think about unique points of view for your final portraits and these photo portraits.


Sketchbooks-Critique: We started the class talking about our work from last week. I think we can do that again next week with those of you who were missing yesterday, and for any of you who may have more to share about your sculpture or from your sketch books.  To share, think of something you like about,or feel you accomplished in your work, and also something interesting you find in someone else's.

Was thinking we should probably do one more big collaboration before we're done. Let me know if you have any ideas or interest in that, and what you think would work well as a group project. If you would like to try another "action painting", with more physical techniques(and splatter too), let me know and we can try again on a clearer day. This doesn't have to be the collaboration work. Please look up the term "action painting".

I also have a sense from last class that we could really combine our action painting experience with our portraits in meaningful ways...

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