Monday, May 13, 2013

Graffiti Break and Spring Flowers!

Tanya will send me some links, info(names and organization) and pictures of your Graffiti Sessions in the courtyard.  That was fun, thanks for including me on Wednesday - there was definitely some good technique to learn, and some very stylish work to see!
I noticed how the colours happened in blocks (per spray can I guess), starting with base colours, then outlines to build letter shapes and 3-d, then more fill-in colour, then outline again, then there was still room for detail, and  "corrections".  There was also a good conversation about  conventions ie: knowing that adding an  'Arrow" to letters can relate to offense or defense meaning in a tag. I am wondering how much not knowing the conventions of Graffiti work actually gives the work it's power to intrigue us - and how much not knowing also lets us enjoy it more easily because it just looks so cool. Like anything created by a culture, it requires respect through it's own conventions, some of which are 'illegal' and I'm just wondering how these conventions relate to the ways we can celebrate it. Very interesting morning.

So, a huge Thank - You to everyone who made giant, gorgeous tissue paper flowers for the TT Dance-a-thon - the entire gym looked great! Thank you Tanya and Erika for thinking to do it!

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