Monday, May 13, 2013

Random Sketch of Very Creative People

I am looking at and thinking about our last few weeks of working together. There have been a lot of hands and shoes, amazing patterns, working out of 'eyes', personal symbols reapperaing, and really awesome and unique approaches to creating your work. We've worked well with collage, splatter, acrylic paint and charcoal, and you all seem more comfortable in representational and abstract drawing, as well as laying things out on a page with purpose. Think about using your recent drawings of faces, some ideas about colour blocking(laying out areas of colour to give value), and incorporating your own inventive patterns, your own previous work, just images of parts of you, and/or tracings, into a self-portrait. If you start with these as a base - literally and tehcnically - it can help you start to visualize(give you a way into) working out how you want to do your portrait. Use your sketchbook as a tool to help you explore ideas for a mixed media(draw/paint collage) portrait on canvas. Start playing with what the different bases might look like, combining them, and trying to imagine how you would like to see things - by sketching them out in your books.  I think each of you have interesting and exciting ideas, and unique creative approaches to working out a self portrait project. We can work some of this out on Wednesday.

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