Monday, March 4, 2013

Claiming our Sketchbooks...

Sketchbooks hadn't quite arrived so we worked on paper.

I explained my expectations and explained that from my side of things we are working towards self-representaion and a final artwork on canvas or paper that you can call a self-portait. I asked you all to consider what a self-portrait means to you right now, and to bring in some example for next week.
I'll post some, if you like.

We looked at some of my own art work and I appreciated everyone's interest and attention!... and we looked at examples from my sketchbooks to get a point of  view on the many ways a sketchbook can be seen...and not always as pretty or finished or even likeable(!) - but always useful - work.

We did a spiral drawing exercise to loosen our hands and arms and then we used our spirals as a ground for our graffiti-style name 'tags'.  We looked at some examples of graffiti name art from google, and looked at the work of artist Trenton Doyle Hancock - specifically "Rememor with Membry, 2001 " to see how he integrated collage and text as positive and negative spaces (figure and ground) in his drawing and painting.

I really enjoyed meeting all of you, and everyone did a great job on their work.
I'm looking forward to working with each of you and working out all of our talented abilities together.

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