Sunday, March 17, 2013


This Wednesday we are painting, drawing and collaging to create 2 different moodscapes from our images.
These are our original photos without much touching up...I cropped E's and M's images to fit to format and light corrected my image as it was too dark, and K's guitar image as it was too bright. Your images are excellent snapshots of your point of view - in the moment, during class, and something about what and how you care about things. 





 We talked about printing our images as colour photo works.

I turned our images into B&W versions in photoshop so you could see the effect - notice how the mood seems to change...things look a little historical or vintage. This is something you can explore with apps from your camera's/phone - as most of you know. Remind me to ask what kind of computer access you have.

There are filters in photoshop that give effects: Here are our photos using the sketch/photocopy filter, to give us "photocopies" of our images. We are using these as our grounds for painting and collage this Wednesday.

Below, our images are "deteriorated" another generation after re-"photocopying". We can actually do this by photocopying photocopies as well. They become sort of cartoons/comics:


We are exploring contrast and value this week.
We are going to create 2 different moods in our images through painting and drawing. These will be MoodScapes created through our colour choices and how we work back into our images. The idea is to create two contrasting atmospheres in your images as if they are places. We will use these as grounds for layering some other mark-making and collage within each.

You can use the 'cartoons' as well as a ground, or base image, for your 'scapes - and/or as collage elements to colour, pattern, cut and paste to your 'Scapes. We can draw, paint and write elements onto our 'Scapes as well.

We use collage, contour lines(outlines), patterns(like the ones we've done in our doodles), and text, as ways to explore and layer to create contrast and value within each of our 'Scapes.

I'll bring in my example to show you what I mean. I am tracing my hand right now from my cartoon. I want to collage it, and I am also thinking about painting  around the characters in my image with energy lines or something to represent their superpowers or maybe just their thoughts - while keeping in mind that I am creating 2 different atmospheres and therefore a different story for each 'Scape.

These are your photos. You can use them as drawing prompts. Challenge yourself in your sketchbooks to try to draw something the way you see it, some idea or image that is inspired by your photos - perhaps a fragment of a story ...or just try to sketch out some ideas you'd like to try on Wednesday when we have our photocopies to collage and paint.

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