Saturday, March 16, 2013

Visual Example for Wed.

I traced my hand as a kind of prompt to "intervene" in my photo... I had a feeling that my photo was telling a story about something emotional going on between the group of objects.  I noticed the remaining paper from cutting out my hand was interesting so I kept it.  I decided to do hot and cool at first since Ninjago Dude and Dollar-Store Bald Eagle seem to have alot of energetic emotion about them. I thought to construct contrast with the hands but decided to use colours analogous to the background colours.(Analogous colours are  near eachother on the colour wheel). Complimentary colour (opposite eachother on the colour wheel) contrast more.  I wanted the hand tracings to seem a part of each scene's activity vs. contrast.

I like how the forms from the photos became random shapes for the landscapes, and that I kept the characters as characters in the landscape. I added the wing on the blue bird last. Then went back to lay out a wing shape on the 'hot' scape. I didn't like where I put it so I took it off but some of the page came with it. I liked the form and re-glued it to be a crutched wing. And then decided to make this:

These were all done really quickly, without over thinking. As exercises, we can use them to get a feel for using collage, colour and our own random interests as storytelling to make art work.

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